July 17, 2021

There's No Place Like Home Fundraiser

Just recently, on June 17, The Newest Flower was featured alongside several other books by Maine authors to fundraise for the Maine Children's Home for Little Wanderers, which also happens to be the organization receiving all the book's profits. 

The event, There's No Place Like Home, by the end, raised nearly $30,000! With this money, the Maine Children's Home will continue their impact in the surrounding communities and programs, including their various efforts in the adoption and foster care systems. 

Once again, in my mailbox, I received another lovely thank you note, and I wished to share and extend the thanks you readers as well. Many of you have watched and supported this book's journey, and I hope each of you realize the effects of your contributions. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Maine Children's Home for Little Wanderers and its mission, visit their site at https://www.mainechildrenshome.org.

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