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My life started out kinda crazy. In my short, 13 years, my life has been quite the story. It's exactly what a classic Hollywood movie would be like--loss, abandonment, redemption, new found love, life-altering decisions, and a character using her experiences to help others. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself just a tad. Anyone who hears my story would be a bit overwhelmed. In fact, I still live in awe of how my life has played out. I guess it just goes to show how purposeful God is.  

I was adopted from Guangzhou, China, when I was three years old. I live with my amazing family: my mom and dad, my two big brothers (Jake and Jonah), and my little sister (Joelle), who is also adopted from China. My family is my biggest support group, the craziest people I know, and they're the greatest blessing I've ever been given. 

I have also published a book. When I was seven, I had someone point out how I looked different than the other kids in my class. Because of this experience, I wrote a book about feeling different, which later became published. It's called The Newest Flower, and the money goes to help The Maine Children's Home For Little Wanderers' adoption programs. 

Now, I'm homeschooled and feel called to write about my emotions and personal trials that I have faced by being adopted.

To my fellow adoptees: Each one of our stories is unique and special, and I am praying that someday you will be able to look and see the beauty that comes from the brokenness. 

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