July 5, 2019

Meeting Nadine

Remember my Just In Time for Christmas post? I wanted to give you all a little update on what’s going on. Nadine, the little girl, has been in the states for five months and is adjusting beautifully. She’s been happily exploring her new home and loves the family dog, Wrangler. 

In May, we got to meet Nadine at our church. The funny thing is that we weren’t going to go to church since we had stayed up late to pick my brother up from the airport. But then, at the last moment, we changed our minds and rushed out to church. In the middle of the service, my mom nudged and gestured towards where Nadine was dancing happily to the worship music. 

Nadine dancing to the music reminded me of a story my mom told me. When I was just adopted, I went to church for my very first time and very quickly I became comfortable and started to dance to the music. Seeing Nadine doing the same thing and being able to experience her joy, that is something that I’m never going to forget.

After the service, I got to meet Nadine and take her around the church, even playing on the keyboard with her! I felt so happy when she took my hand because even though she was dragging me through the church, I got to be with her. I was so delighted that Nadine has adjusted so well, smiling like crazy, and already so close to her parents! 

Even though Nadine has no realization of who I am, I felt so ecstatic because I knew that God let me play a small role in her story. I also felt so glad that she was comfortable with me, and I’m really excited to see the whole family again! 

So I just wanted to give you this update and thank you all for praying for this family’s journey and ask you to continue to do so. I’ll try to keep you in the loop on how Nadine’s doing, and how she’s growing into a young lady of God. 

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