Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Missing Maidservant Part 3

They're back! Part 3 is here!

Nothing spectacular happened at dinner, but Prince Emil was clearly surprised when he saw Lady Thea for the first time, but gathered his composure and kissed her hand. He didn’t say anything but kept glancing over at Maria with a questioning look. Of course, the other servants didn’t fail to notice this and teased Maria when out of his earshot. The glances were so apparent that even Lady Thea detected the tension and after dinner demanded to talk to Maria.

“You called me, ma’am?” Maria came over and automatically started untying the laces, which came loose with a simple tug, and the whole corset seemed to breathe in relief as she continued to work down her back.

“When you saw Emil, did you talk to him?” Lady Thea accused, angrily staring at Maria’s reflection in the mirror.

“He stopped me in the stairwell and confused me for you,” Maria gave Thea a fleeting glance in the mirror.

“How could he mistake us? You are just so, so . . . simple,” Thea replied with a haughty look in her olive green eyes. Maria just nodded as she worked to take off the skin-tight undergarments that Thea had magically managed to slip into.

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