Saturday, November 24, 2018

The Missing Maidservant Part 2

Sorry for the wait! Part 2 is here!

“Maria! Place these flowers in the hall. Prince Emil shall be here soon, and I want to look radiant,” Thea shooed Maria off as she praised herself in front of her mirror. Briskly making her way through the house, Maria almost forgot about her task at hand when she heard a loud clatter, and then, the main door rattled shut. Not wanting to be detected, she set down the flowers and quickly returned upstairs. As she ascended the stairs, she stepped a little too loudly, drawing attention to herself, and soon the prince was steps behind her.

“My lady,” he took her hand and kissed it, “you look even more beautiful than in the portrait.” He gave her a charming smile and offered her his arm.

Maria looked down to the ground, pondering on what to say, “I’m not Lady Thea. She is upstairs expecting me. I am her maidservant. If you will excuse me, I need to go check on her.”

A shocked look crossed the young man’s face. “How can it be? You look just like the girl in the painting I received.” Maybe he had been expecting an answer from Maria, but she had already retreated to the confinements of her mistress’ room, with an irritated look on her face.  

“He’s here.”

“What did he do?” Thea just giggled and tried to rise, but her corset limited her movement, causing her to fall forward, only to be caught by Maria. “Is dinner ready?” Maria just nodded, regretting the fact that she had to see the man again.

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