Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Missing Maidservant Part 1

As a school assignment, I was told to create a story from a painting. I have decided to add some short stories to this blog to give you guys a smile during the day. Feel free to give me story ideas or tell me your thoughts!

Part 1
“Turn your head slightly to the left, Lady Thea. Maria, please come brush that irritating speck off her face,” Enzo Beaufort, the artist complained, waving his paintbrush in the air with an exasperated look on his face.

“Master,” Maria started, “That is a mol - beauty mark. I cannot scrub it off.”

“Maria! Go to the kitchen and make something to get rid of it! Now!” Thea commanded, swinging her head, which caused her headdress to slip off her rather large head. Maria just nodded obediently, quickly turning, and scurrying to the kitchen.

“Would you put your headdress back on, my lady?” Enzo was vexed on how his project was going, and by the looks of it, this portrait that was to be sent to Prince Emil of Denmark, would likely scare off the toughest of men.

“I’ve come with your ointment, ma’am,” Maria scampered in, quickly dabbing Thea’s face with ghostly, white paste.

“Ah, now, I have my inspiration,” Enzo picked up his brush and began to stroke the canvas.
Stay tuned for Part 2!

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